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Building Security & Control Systems

We can provide the following products and services for large apartments/ industrial complexes to single residences.

Intruder Alarm and Smoke Detection Systems which include 24 hour Telephone Monitoring.
Building Access Control Systems which can be used to control a number of doors within a property utilising various reader technologies (cards, remotes, key-tags) for a single door to 250 doors. software with this system can also be programmed to control doors with time, date and other functions. Full Report and Audit functions are also available.
CCTV Systems - Closed Circuit Video Surveillance Systems for various applications. This can be integrated to the Building Access Systems.
Intercom Systems (Audio/Video) - For single and multi unit applications. Equipment can include just a wired option or a system that is connected to the telephone lines.

As we are able to source products from various manufacturers and suppliers world wide we are able to engineer a solution that is suited to meet your precise needs in engineering and costs.

Typical Building

A Typical Building Security & Car Park Control System

(1) Building Entry Access System with Intercom System

(2) Lift Access Control restricting tenants within floors

(3) Secure Alarmed Areas within office complexes

(4) Energy Management & Building Service Control Systems (lighting and air conditioning)

(5) Car Park Access Control for entry and exit